CR Pillar 5: Community

Pillar five

Corporate Community Investment (CCI) is no longer an add-on or narrowly defined as the right thing to do, but rather companies are increasingly integrating CCI into their core business, strategy and decision-making processes.

There are a number of different ways that companies implement CCI in their business, including:

  • Working in partnership with charitable organisation(s)
  • Employee engagement 
  • Donating goods to charities 
  • Cause-related marketing to raise funds and awareness about charities and good causes.

Research by Business in the Community shows that the public believe businesses should play their part in the community, particularly through using the power of their brand and products to support charities and causes.

Compass Group Ireland recognises and appreciates our responsibilities within the communities in which we work and live. The next step is to start driving this in a strategic way which engages all Compass Group employees. We will focus on community and charitable activities that involve diet, nutrition, wellness and skills development for our people.

We will also aim to engage and inspire employees of the future and promote the sector as an attractive place to work.

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