When it comes to scope, variety and opportunity, you’d be hard pressed to find an organisation able to offer you more than Compass Group.

If you’re looking for a senior level career focused on driving the strategic direction of our business – great! If you want to take your chef’s career to the next level – wonderful! Or, if you’d just like to work a few hours a day, a couple of days a week in a fast paced, dynamic environment that fits around your other commitments – we offer that too!

If you have the Can Do attitude, passion for great service and superb food then we want you!

Our Values:



We could tell you that we’ve got all the ingredients to give you a rewarding culinary career.

That we’ve a career to suit every taste. It’s all true, but let’s just tell it like it is. We breed culinary excellence. Each year we scoop hundreds of prestigious culinary awards. We support our chefs in achieving professional qualifications. We’ve a dedicated Chef Academy for our chef apprentices and we work with the industry’s most acclaimed chefs and celebrity chef consultants. At Compass Group Ireland, excellence is more than a state of mind – it’s our state of play.

Chefs are a very important part of what we do at Compass Group Ireland, so we’re always on the lookout for the best culinary professionals at every level. If you’ve worked at a restaurant or hotel and want to progress your career with a leading foodservice company, then we want to hear from you.


Helping run the show for the country’s no. 1 catering provider.

Our operators are highly visible and strategically important. They run single units, multi-sites and even multi-service contracts, making commercial decisions and working directly with our clients and senior leaders. They bring out the best in people; overseeing our teams and helping them achieve the highest quality service standards. Plus they’re ideas people, with great energy and a relentless obsession with perfection. We like that. In Operations, the opportunities to work in exciting locations –here or across the global Compass family – are simply endless.


Our customer-facing frontline teams make our brands shine.

You might say they’re our Brand Ambassadors. Whether in the kitchen, behind the counter, or working on the floor, they create memorable brand experiences that customers come back for time and time again. From catering assistants to assistant managers, we’ve got plenty of jobs and even more opportunities to kick-start your career. In addition to flexible working hours and a competitive salary, we offer an enviable training programme that provides all the tools to set you on a career path, or help you progress to the next level. It’s up to you. So if you like working alongside brilliant people, in a career that makes people smile… this is for you!


We are committed to sourcing as much local Irish produce as possible supporting Irish producers wherever we can. All our beef, lamb, dairy products and eggs come from Irish Farms. We maintain strong relationships with 120 suppliers in 240 units, providing over 8000 products. We then have to ensure we get the right products in the right place at the right time, and at the right price, and ensure we understand and meet every client’s different requirements. We are negotiating deals, working closely with suppliers, distributors and growers, while safeguarding the traceability, sustainability and above all else the food safety of our supply chain. We endeavour to make a difference for our clients, for our team and for the wider environment.

If you like the sound of that, you’ll love our Sourcing team.

Last year we secured our Origin Green accreditation, copper fastening our commitment to truly sustainable sourcing. (


They don’t get more innovative and creative than our Sales Team. They live and breathe our brands to help us win and retain more business.

It’s fast paced and hugely rewarding, working with our operators to deliver the very best bids and tenders, and interacting with clients and suppliers to keep those partnerships strong. With its own dedicated training programme, sales colleagues are given ample opportunities to grow within the business as well as high rewards for smashing their targets. If that sounds like a winning deal to you, then check out our roles.


Our finance team are at the very heart of our company, helping us manage and report on how we’re performing and to budget correctly for all parts of the business, but it’s not all about numbers.

A big part of the job is about engaging with colleagues across the company; helping them to understand our commercial focus and where we’re headed. Because finance touches on so many parts of Compass Group Ireland, it creates lots of opportunity to move into operational and commercial roles. Plus our finance colleagues get all the support they need for their ATI, CIMA or ACCA qualifications. There really is no limit on where your finance skills will take you.

Other Central Functions

We’ve got so many roles in our Head Office, full of talented professionals supporting our operational teams.

Human Resources-
Finding the best and the brightest people to take us forward, while taking very good care of the 4,000 plus already within the family. Giving every colleague the chance to surpass their expectations.

Health and Safety-
Our number one operational priority, from overseeing foods safety to ensuring all the products and services we supply are fit for purpose. HSE are setting the standards that keep everyone safe.

Bringing food at Compass Group Ireland to life so our clients and customers fall in love with our offering. Driven by insight, and in charge of our digital presence, packaging, site décor, concepts, launches and promotions.

Support Services-
Single-handedly keeping the business running smoothly, as the first point of contact for any number of queries. Our administrators are some of our very best subject matter experts!

Temporary jobs

Temporary Roles & Events

Sometimes working 9 to 5 doesn’t work for you.

But a shorter contract, or seasonal and temporary work is just the ticket. We offer those jobs at some of Ireland’s (make that the world’s), most prestigious venues and events. Helping glittering events to shine with outstanding customer service, cleaning, food preparation, serving and stewarding.