We know a healthy, happy workforce is core priority for you and is considered a critical element for business stability and growth.

We take health very seriously and have dedicated staff in place to ensure our menus reflect individual client requirements but more importantly, that we as a business have a culture of doing what is healthy and wise around our role in creating healthier workplaces in Ireland and beyond.

We serve more than 40,000 meals every day across Ireland and consider it our responsibility to help our consumers to eat a healthy, nutritious diet. We do this by reviewing our recipes to make them healthier, and looking for opportunities to switch in different ingredients with fewer calories and less salt or fat. We also encourage people to eat more fruit and veg through our nutrition education initiatives like Know Your Food.

Being Healthy isn’t a goal. It’s a way of life.

Our Commitments:

  • Ensure every restaurant offers a BALANCED MEAL option of less than 500kcal, including one of your FIVE A DAY.
  • Launch a new HEALTH WEBSITE in 2017 to educate consumers.
  • Encourage consumers to eat more FRUIT & VEG through improved information and LOYALTY SCHEMES.
  • Reduce salt in our recipes by 50% by 2020.
  • Promote PLANT-BASED proteins.
  • Achieve the Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award at 2 new sites per year whilst retaining all current awards for the other sites currently holding accreditation.

Healthier Lives

As a leading foodservice company, we’re eager to play a role in educating consumers about health and wellbeing. We also believe that we are uniquely well-placed to do so: we have nutritionist working for Compass Group Ireland, giving us a wealth of expertise to draw on.

We want to provide the motivation and tools to help consumers eat well. For instance, we are the first Irish foodservice company to partner with MyFitnessPal, an online resource that helps people track their daily diet and exercise.

We are also boosting our online presence with a refreshed website to help people understand the many different aspects of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Healthier Food

As part of our 2020 Health & Wellbeing Strategy, our team of chefs and registered nutritionists have been analysing our recipes, ingredients and cooking styles to see how we can help people eat better.

We’ve already reduced the number of high fat dishes we offer by 6% and have removed all trans fats from our recipes. We’re now working with our chefs to reduce free sugars in our dishes.

Here are some of the other things we’re doing to help…

Little switches

Where good nutrition is concerned, little changes can make a big difference. We all know we need to watch how much salt, fat and sugar we eat so, at Compass, we’ve made a few little switches to help. The salt sachets offered in our restaurants used to contain 0.8g of salt. In 2013, we swapped these for sachets that were 25% smaller. While people are welcome to take more than one, we found that most were happy to just use less salt. We ended up handing out eight tonnes less salt in a single year!

Likewise, we’ve swapped the milk we use in our drinks and recipes to 1% fat, which has the taste of semi-skimmed but a lower fat content. We’ve also switched to Flora Buttery because it contains 70% less saturated fat than butter.


We have been increasing the amount of fruit and veg our consumers choose by using clever signposting to highlight what contributes to their five-a-day, and how easy it is to achieve it. We’re also introducing loyalty schemes to reward their effort such as buy four pieces and you get the fifth for free.

“Healthy Eating isn’t about having a dedicated counter for healthy food its about an overarching ethos of good food with a heartbeat of healthiness through every part of the customers food experience.”

Ryan Holmes, Culinary Director Ireland