We’re enthusiastic advocates for locally and ethically sourced produce and proud supporters of our suppliers and communities because we’re passionate about creating regionally inspired dishes that showcase the best of traditional and modern Irish food. From farm to fork, natural larder to naturally good food, culinary excellence is absolutely at our heart.

What’s more, Compass Group Ireland is part of a bigger picture, as the foodservice industry’s largest supplier of fresh food we are driven by the desire to sustainably deliver the best in Ireland. We want to use our buying power to be a force for good in the world and we take care to make sure our suppliers are doing the same: we expect them to act responsibly and humanely towards their workers, livestock and local communities.

One of our key priorities is sourcing sustainably. We’ve identified areas where we know our buying practices can make a positive difference.

Our Commitments:

  • Remove palm oil from our supply chain for cooking and baking by end 2017.
  • Publish a HUMAN RIGHTS action plan by 2017 and continue to address the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain by AUDITING 100% of high risk supplier sites by the end of 2018.
  • Source at least 60% of our Irish ingredients from Origin Green verified members by 2020.
  • Ensure 100% of our TEA, COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE is ETHICALLY SOURCED by 2020.
  • Use 100% CAGE FREE eggs by 2025.
  • Have all our soy suppliers producing sustainably by 2025.
  • Partner with experts to refresh our SOURCING STANDARDS on PORK & POULTRY.
  • Avoid endangered species of fish, buy more CERTIFIED FISH each year
  • All our BEEF, LAMB, MILK & EGGS are sourced in Ireland.
  • Put EU ECOLABEL cleaning products on the core recommended product list.
  • Ensure all office paper is CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE.
  • Ensure that our uniform suppliers continue to drive improvements in RESPONSIBLE and ETHICAL LABOUR practices.
  • Move our PAPER & PLASTIC disposables up the waste hierarchy each year.