Environmental Game Changers

We take great care to minimise our impact on the environment and everything we do to reduce our environmental impact is underpinned by our certified Environmental Management System.

Our internal network of Environment Champions go above and beyond to demonstrate best practice and engage in environmental initiatives throughout the year. We have developed tools and training to help our colleagues understand their responsibilities and continually look for more efficient ways of working. 

Our Core Areas of Focus:

plant forward meals

Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a global issue with a wide variety of environmental, social and economic impacts. We have both a responsibility and an opportunity to make a real difference in the fight against food waste. Compass Group Ireland has committed to reducing its food waste by 50% by 2030.

“Food waste is a serious problem for the world today, and as a leader in food service, we are determined to play our part in driving change. Working with our suppliers, partners, clients and consumers in Ireland, we are focused on educating our teams and our customers on how they can play their part in cutting food waste, today and every day.”

Chris Chidley, Managing Director, Compass Group Ireland

  • Food Waste Charter Pledge

According to Ireland’s Food Waste Charter, reducing food waste is one of the most effective actions we can take to combat climate change. So, we’re taking action. Compass Group Ireland have made a public commitment by signing the Food Waste Charter pledge.

We pledge to continue to take positive actions in the fight against food waste through measuring; reducing; and reporting.

  • Stop Food Waste Campaign

We strive to educate and ignite change regarding the global food waste epidemic. Our goal is to draw attention to the problem as well as create and share creative and impactful solutions. Stop Food Waste Day is our annual event to educate and drive change in relation to food waste.

Activities include; customer workshops on how to utilise leftovers and trimmings, team briefings on how to reduce food waste in units and marketing materials to raise awareness of ways to reduce waste at home.

  • Food Liberation

This is a concept which focuses on creating great flavour and food experiences that are better for people and the planet. The aim is to minimise food waste one dish at a time by deploying stem to tip recipes which incorporate every part of the vegetable. Stalks and all!

Our extensive chef community have also engaged with our local food produce suppliers to lovingly embrace ‘perfectly imperfect’ fruit and vegetables. We recognise that beauty is more than skin deep. All far too good to waste!

Reducing Single Use Plastics

Eliminating single-use and other unsustainable forms of plastic packaging in Ireland is one of the nation’s top priorities, and it’s our mission to lead the way.

We’ve already taken significant strides to eliminate problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics. We are actively working with our suppliers and industry partners to stay abreast of packaging and waste issues, address the shared challenges we face, and find the right solutions to help our sites reduce single-use plastics and maximise recycling.

  • Single Use Plastics Guide

We have developed a single use plastics guide which makes it easy for our sites to tackle single-use plastics commonly used in foodservice, including cutlery, cups, and food containers.

What the guide aims to achieve:

Reduce – eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic packaging wherever possible

Reuse – encourage the use of reusable/washable items over single-use plastics

Recycle – work with clients to help improve the collection of plastic packaging on-site for onward recycling

Review – work with our suppliers to source the most sustainable products, and increase recycled content to drive the recycling market

Educate – educate and empower customers to reduce plastic waste, recycle more, and learn to differentiate the variety of disposable materials

Our Commitments include;

  • Eliminate our “top ten” problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics by the end of 2020
  • All plastic food packaging to be reusable or widely recycled by 2025
  • All plastic food packaging to contain more than 30% average recycled content by 2025

Conserving Resources

Action needs to be taken to limit global warming and reduce the risk of irreversible climate impacts and extreme weather events. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we are committed to reducing our consumption of energy and water, creating less waste, and introducing green energy and clean technology products.

  • Our Environmental Management System

Everything we do to reduce our environmental impact is underpinned by our Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS is delivered into every contract using our award-winning Environment Toolkit. The Environment Toolkit assists our teams in bringing the environment and our business’ impact to life through activities and discussion. It helps us to:

  • Reduce costs through operational efficiency
  • Comply with environmental legislation and Compass Group procedures
  • Support our clients with their environmental activities

The award-winning toolkit focuses on six key topic areas; energy, transport, materials, waste, water, pollution prevention. It involves understanding the operations and the impact on the environment, putting controls in place to reduce environmental impact and setting objectives and targets to improve how things are done.

It might sound simple but creating an accessible yet comprehensive guide enables us to manage our environmental impact at scale across Compass Group Ireland.

Promoting Plant Forward Meals

Research suggests that people who eat more plant-based foods have lower levels of cholesterol and have a reduced risk of developing diet-related diseases and some types of cancers. In addition, eating less meat can benefit the planet as animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlike vegetarianism or veganism, plant-forward meals do not completely exclude animal products. Instead they promote plant-based proteins (such as beans and pulses), vegetables and wholegrains rather than treating them like the side dish.

  • Plant Forward Concepts and Pop-Ups

The number of people choosing a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet continues to rise. To meet this demand, we continue to develop our veg-centric Concepts and Pop-Ups e.g. Root Kitchen, Street Beets, Tacotarian

We also help our sites present their menus in the best way to encourage all of our customers to enjoy a plant-forward meal. Techniques include highlighting them, using descriptive words, creating plant-forward meal bases with optional add-ons, using logos to identify plant-forward options.

  • Meat Free Campaigns

We support Meat Free campaigns throughout the year and promote meat-free recipes via our Nourished Life digital platform. Showing how delicious and nutritious meat free options can be.

  • Happy Pear Partnership

Announced in November 2019 at our Food That Works Summit, Dynamic duo Dave and Stephen Flynn, owners of plant-based powerhouse ‘The Happy Pear Company’ have signed an exclusive partnership with Compass Group Ireland.