Health & Wellbeing

Every day, we prepare, cook and serve more than 40,000 meals to people in Ireland.

We offer delicious, nutritionally balanced dishes and help to educate our consumers about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our Core Areas of Focus:

Better Nutrition Choices
Healthy Lifestyle
Promoting Plant Forward Meals

Better Nutrition Choices

Choosing a balanced diet and lifestyle is not only linked with better health measures and being a healthier weight, but also improved concentration, sleep, work performance and mental health.

As a foodservice company, we are well placed to support people to make healthier diet choices. We have set ourselves targets to offer healthier options at every meal occasion and to reduce levels of sugar, calories and salt in our recipes.

  • Providing Healthier Choices

To provide our customers with the opportunity to choose healthier options, we have developed a range of solutions to ensure the nutritional needs of our various customer base are met. For example, within our workplace restaurants serving adults, we offer a healthier choice meal that meets strict criteria aligned to government healthy eating guidelines. As well as being calorie controlled, the healthier choice is not high in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt and provides at least one of your five a day.

  • Sharing our Knowledge

We aim to educate consumers on the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of sleep, exercise and positive mental health. We share this information through posters, leaflets and point of sale materials in our sites. We also have a dedicated Registered Nutritionist within Compass Group Ireland, giving us a wealth of expertise to draw on and her knowledge is freely shared with our clients and customers. Our Nutritionist delivers a wide variety of nutrition educational sessions including tailored workshops, one-to-one consultations and ‘ask the Nutritionist’ lunchtime health promotion pop-ups across our sites. In 2019, our Nutritionist delivered 96 education sessions to 2,950 customers.

mental health

Improving Mental Health

As well as supporting each and every one of our colleagues, we want to make speaking about mental health an intrinsic part of our culture. We want to de-stigmatise work-related mental health concerns and stop discrimination.

Did you know:
70% of people feel they can’t speak openly about mental health concerns, 78% of people feel that mental health is a growing concern and 33% say stress is a reason to leave their job.

  • World Mental Health Day

In Ireland, every year we support World Mental Health Day by running a campaign to help our clients engage their staff on the topic of mental health. We create menus based around Good Mood Food as we know that a healthy diet helps to stabilise mood, energy and improve concentration. We raise awareness through posters, leaflets and educational health promotion stands. Last year we held a “Connect with your Colleagues” session, providing mid-afternoon healthy drinks and conversation starter cards that invited people to talk openly about their state of mind. The sessions were designed to help to overcome the social stigma of talking openly about our feelings.

  • Working in Partnership

We work with external partners across Ireland to ensure we have the right tools and programmes in place to support employees with mental health concerns.

Allergen Control

Managing allergens is a critical part of ensuring food safety. We want all our people to be confident in practices surrounding the safe provision of allergen information to customers. We provide training to ensure they understand the importance of handling allergens carefully and avoiding cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

As well as helping people to eat well, we want to encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Through our online platform and in-restaurant communications, we are supporting people to live better.

  • Nourished Life

We developed the Nourished Life digital platform (website and social media) to educate and engage our customers on a healthy lifestyle focusing on; food, nutrition, sleep, physical activity and emotional wellbeing. We aim to empower people with the information and tools they need to take action and make healthier choices.

  • Workplace Wellbeing

We aim to support our clients’ health and wellbeing strategies by providing them with Workplace Wellbeing sessions led by our Registered Nutritionist. The sessions include interactive workshops on specific topic areas as well as ‘ask the nutritionist’ pop-ups during the lunchtime service. Our clients value our expertise in helping enhance employee’s health and wellness.

Promoting Plant Forward Meals

Research suggests that people who eat more plant-based foods have lower levels of cholesterol and have a reduced risk of developing diet-related diseases and some types of cancers. In addition, eating less meat can benefit the planet as animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlike vegetarianism or veganism, plant-forward meals do not completely exclude animal products. Instead they promote plant-based proteins (such as beans and pulses), vegetables and wholegrains rather than treating them like the side dish.

  • Plant Forward Concepts and Pop-Ups

The number of people choosing a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet continues to rise. To meet this demand, we continue to develop our veg-centric Concepts and Pop-Ups e.g. Root Kitchen, Street Beets, Tacotarian

We also help our sites present their menus in the best way to encourage all of our customers to enjoy a plant-forward meal. Techniques include highlighting them, using descriptive words, creating plant-forward meal bases with optional add-ons, using logos to identify plant-forward options.

  • Meat Free Campaigns

We support Meat Free campaigns throughout the year and promote meat-free recipes via our Nourished Life digital platform. Showing how delicious and nutritious meat free options can be.

  • Happy Pear Partnership

Announced in November 2019 at our Food That Works Summit, Dynamic duo Dave and Stephen Flynn, owners of plant-based powerhouse ‘The Happy Pear Company’ have signed an exclusive partnership with Compass Group Ireland.

happy pear