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Before COVID -19, food at work was a big part of the employer value proposition, and the employee experience.

Our global Eating at Work survey illustrates clearly that having an on-site restaurant shows care, and that it influences the attraction & retention of exceptional talent for our client businesses. Research also shows that teams who know each other on a social level collaborate and work better together. So, fostering a culture of social lunches away from the desk is a great way to facilitate the kind of interaction that leads to these strong working relationships.

But the widespread impact of Covid-19 has impacted our relationship with food, our focus on wellbeing, and how we work.

Last week the government announced plans for the easing lockdown restrictions, including a roadmap for businesses on how they can start to bring people back to work.

How this might play out practically for employers is still unknown. It’s highly likely that the office environment as we know it, won’t be the same for a long time, and businesses will need to adjust in many ways to accommodate social distancing. (…and not forgetting the many people who may continue working from home)

So, at a time when employee engagement, health and wellbeing is at its most vital—and fragile, how can employers adapt to support the needs of their workforce and protect them as they return post-lockdown?

We have considered this question and are delighted to offer clients the benefit of our Cloud Canteen, to make the return to work easier by providing employees with a safe, practical and efficient way to go about their daily routines. In addition, we have created a cost-effective solution to look after your teams working from away from the office with our home delivery service.

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, we can bring your teams togethers, the best way we know how –through delicious food from our Cloud Canteen.

So what is a Cloud Canteen?
Our Cloud Canteen is a full-serviced food solution that gives your team access to healthy, high quality meals delivered.

Food is prepared fresh daily by our Cloud Canteen team based in Dublin.  

We will serve as your virtual kitchen, meaning your culinary ambitions need no longer be tempered by limited resources available onsite.

In physical terms, the Cloud Canteen is a purpose built remote restaurant kitchen, staffed by our finest chefs. We cook everything from scratch and all our fresh ingredients are 100% Irish.

The benefits of providing a delivered catering offer – aside from best quality – is the opportunity to manage costs by adjusting resource levels onsite. Rather than maintain an onsite chef team and incur the costs of running a full kitchen, it is more cost efficient to have a shared resource through our Cloud Canteen. We will ensure greater consistency through portion control, taste and menu variety resulting in improved customer satisfaction levels.

food junction
Drop in Service 

Get team meals delivered straight to your office. Our Drop-in service offers bulk ordering & individual meals options via our virtual canteen. 

Full-Service Style Restaurant 

Let us take care of everything!  In addition to delivering the best office catering, we can also provide a managed service that include staff to serve and clear down. 

Cloud Canteen
Home Delivery Service 

With most employees currently working for home, we have a solution which allows individuals to order meals for delivery direct to their homes via our virtual canteen. Companies may choose to subsidise these deliveries for the perfect wellbeing perk. 


We’ve got all your meetings, functions, launches and conferences sorted!  We offer bespoke catering for one-off and regular corporate catering needs and can design a unique food experience just for you. 

Pantry Service 

We can also supply & manage pantry goods such as tea, coffee, beverages and snacks for micro kitchens. 

How can the Cloud Canteen support my business during these uncertain times?

Offering individual portion meals

With our Cloud Canteen, we are able to flexibly switch to individually portioned meals, enabling co-workers to stay socially distanced – and well fed.

Keeping your people safe by avoiding the risks presented from a crowded retail outlets on the high street 

Our Cloud Canteen provides a safe and convenient solution for workplace catering– no cooking facilities are required, and the setup of the area can take place with the minimum amount of fuss. 

Helping employees to avoid the lunch rush at local high street eateries will protect your people. Businesses using our cloud kitchen are able to add a click and collect point within their office building, enabling staff to order their meals and safely collect them, saving long queuing times and close proximity to other people in local food and retail outlets.

Catering to a fluctuating headcount

It’s expected that there will be a slow, phased return to work, with a lot of daily fluctuation on the office headcount. Office managers, who may usually order food in advance for a set or known number of people, will need to find new ways to cater to employees that avoids overspending and food waste when employees aren’t in.

With our Cloud Canteen’s technology employees can place orders themselves for when they know they will be in the office. If employers are subsidising these meals for employees, they’ll ultimately only be paying for the meals required.

Service existing on-site canteens where a full catering operation is not financially feasible

A fully flexible solution for you to choose! 

Most businesses will be challenged to reduce cost Post Covid 19 and with expected downturn in revenue from catering you may be facing increased subsidy costs for your food services. 

No need to worry, we can provide a full restaurant service or any of the individuals day part elements where an in-house provision is no longer cost effective. 

This is also an ideal solution for low participation days (e.g Fridays) or to open a pop up restaurant or new meal services which weren’t previously offered. 

Supporting businesses during this transition and helping them to achieve the required social distancing and safety standards will play a huge part in our Cloud Canteen’s efforts over the coming months.

Whatever your needs, we can find something to suit and have the flexibility to cater for hundreds or a handful. 

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