We Create

Our business is food. Our passion is food. Our world is food. So, don’t be too surprised if we invest ourselves totally in fuelling the spark of creativity in your business.

Our solutions will be designed around individual requirements & goals through a dedicated project creation team.

We treat all of our clients as individuals creating bespoke services that work in synergy with their brand, aspirations and cultural values.

Because lunch isn’t just above food, we also focus on creating a best in class customer experience.

Seating, Layout and Environment

Seating and furniture help set the scene for dining experience. Dividing the restaurant into distinct individual destinations, we would love to work with your design team and bring our knowledge of workplace design to enhance the atmosphere of the food spaces in your business.

Think stools for casual coffees and chats, picnic tables and benches for larger groups and booths for more private discussions. All with an emphasis on functionality and a nod to the style of your business.

Networking and Team Bonding

We believe that breaking for lunch or a coffee isn’t just a chance to refuel. It’s a chance to chat with colleagues, mix with other teams and have random and spontaneous discussions. The sharing of ideas with people of different expertise creates a workplace that encourages this mix is what makes a difference to any business.

Our vision is to offer not just nourishment, but a sense of well-being and shared experience. Whether enjoying coffee at the counter or a new street-food experience you’ve never tried, we’d like to make it a special experience!

Food Theatre & Live Preparation

The open kitchen trend seems to have been born in big cities such as New York, where chefs cooked within view of diners largely due to space constraints. However consumers increasingly came to view the flames and steam and clattering in the kitchen as part of the “show” of dining out.

The sounds, the smells, and the sights of cooking can really help you work up an appetite so why not include an open kitchen or a live station in your restaurant? It could add a lot more drama to lunch.

Variety, Novelty and Flavour

Food isn’t just fuel. We all want to eat well and enjoy good food. For us that means variety, flavour and the novelty of new ideas and inspiration. We’ll work hard to bring you the best produce, and use our global scope to inject it with fresh influences.

Our talented executive chefs can create a range of bespoke solutions and our ‘Meet the Grower’ programme enables us to trace all products from farm to fork. Wherever possible, we support local farmers and source fresh produce locally and seasonally.