Maynooth University

We provide catering services for over 9,000 students and 800 staff at 5 outlets across the campus.

Our aim is to lead a sustainable and transformational change with bespoke concepts for each catering facility across the Maynooth University campus enabling customers to choose from a range of destination food offers and price points. Our food offers are designed to meet the varied requirements of the student and staff demographics and are built on taking the very best food trends and known favourite brands.

In early April 2016, we assisted the university in applying for a green flag award. The University’s focus on reducing its environmental impact was reflective of Chartwells’ own environmental strategy, which is underpinned by the following drivers:

  • Advancing the corporate environmental management system
  • Ensuring that our operations are energy efficient
  • Minimising environmental impacts associated with our transport activities
  • Minimising water use and promoting water efficiency
  • Eliminating waste to landfill
  • Focusing on sustainable sourcing.