Developing our people

Our HR team ensures that resourcing, skills development and qualifications are all undertaken as smoothly and professionally as possible. Our team are available to ensure we have the right people for the right position in the right contract.

In addition to sourcing the best people, we invest in their development through the following :

One Compass Welcome
From barristas to chefs and senior management, every new Compass employee samples a true taste of the company before they even walk through the doors on their first day, with our award-winning induction programme, One Compass Welcome. Our one hour e-learning module offers an introduction to the company, ensuring that each new member of the Compass team understands our vision and values and grasps essential health and safety information.

One Compass Welcome is the envy of many HR teams across several industries, some of which are working with us to develop their own winning induction programme.

Induction programme
We know how daunting the first day at a new job can be and to what extent a smooth and positive start to a new role can influence the rest of a career with a company. Our two-day induction for all unit managers is testimony to our commitment to giving everyone a great start at Compass. However, we believe an induction needs to continually evolve - so watch this space for our newest ways of welcoming our general managers and making everyone feel comfortable from day one.



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