Responsible sourcing

responsible sourcing

One of the key challenges facing mankind is that, as economies develop across the globe, the supply of raw materials is increasingly unable to keep up with demand. The extraction, production and harvesting of raw materials can have significant environmental and social impacts which may have long-term and far-reaching consequences. 

Managing our products, raw materials and ingredients not only makes good environmental sense, but good business sense too. Sustainable sourcing is increasingly important to our clients and consumers who want to know where and how our products are sourced.

Sustainable sourcing objectives

Our sustainable sourcing strategy includes the following objectives:

  • Support Irish sourcing, working with farmers and growers to use local and regional produce made, grown or reared to support local or regional requirements
  • Work in partnership with our clients, suppliers and distributors to reduce the impact of our business on the environment
  • Support Fairtrade farmers and their communities.

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