In some ways it feels too soon to think about the future – but we are a forward-looking group, and it’s in our nature to think about what the customer will want before they have thought of it themselves.

At some point we will be out and about again, and we will need food and drink and a warm welcome – even if the conditions under which these can be provided have changed significantly.


Now is not a time to put tools down, it’s a time to pick up new ones.

Have a look at what the Compass Group family have been busy working on during these unprecedented times. We don’t like to sit still for too long…

Redesigning our Restaurant Operation

Redesigning our Restaurant Operation

Soon people will be out and about again, and their need for safe, healthy food and drink served with a warm welcome will be as important as ever.  

The world itself may have changed but our commitment hasn’t. 

We’ve been busy working on redesigning our new covid-aware operations and our plans are now well advanced with exciting and innovative service solutions.

Covid 19 Community & People Response

Covid 19 Community & People Response

Supporting the lives of our people and the broader community in which we operate has always been important to us.

Over recent weeks we have all enjoyed being kinder to each other. We have clapped the HSE, and volunteering is at an all-time high. The world is changing, and we are already blazing a trail in our people and community initiatives.


Your Cloud Canteen

Before COVID -19, food at work was a big part of the employer value proposition, and the employee experience. Our global Eating at Work survey illustrates clearly that having an on-site restaurant shows care, and that it influences the attraction & retention of exceptional talent for our client businesses.



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