3rd February 2021

Power of Pause

Compass Group Ireland host January ‘Power of Pause’ – a series of virtual events which encouraged even the busiest of bees to take a moment of pause to listen, learn and reset.

In light of a new lockdown in January, Compass Group Ireland curated a range of influential guest speakers to share their wisdom, focusing on how you can achieve your 2021 wellness goals. The aim was to encourage our Compass Group colleagues, friends, clients & families to take a moment to pause, listen, learn & reset. We approached the series ensuring we took a holistic approach to health & wellbeing.

Didn’t get a chance to log into the live sessions? No problem, catch up here!

Episode 1: Brian Crooke, Workplace Wellbeing Specialist

Brian brought us through his powerful Framework to create an incredible workplace wellbeing culture. Brian is an expert educator, speaker and advisor who’s worked across multiple industries to help companies deliver better wellbeing for their employees.

Episode 2 : Kate Gaffey, Founder of Workplace Wellness

Week two, we were joined by Kate Gaffey, Founder of Workplace Wellness. Kate is an expert in the power of restorative exercise and meditation. In this live event, Kate helped us to re-ground in an ever-shifting world, working through techniques to de-stress and relax, leading to better productivity at work and overall satisfaction in the working week.

Episode 3 : Alan Roycroft, AR Fitness

Week three, we upped the tempo for a morning HIIT class with Alan Roycroft. Alan has a knack for making fitness accessible for all, leading fun and energy-filled workshops for groups and individuals alike. The session involved 5 minutes warming up, 20 minutes working time and 5 minutes cool down. The working time was made up of all body weight exercises, so no equipment was needed. Alan was on hand to demonstrate the correct technique for each exercise, providing alternatives to accommodate all fitness levels. 

Episode 4 : Joe O’Brien, Psychologist

Episode four focussed on Managing the pace of daily life, for those struggling with work / life balance during these times. Joe focussed on translating the best available scientific research into accessible and useful methods for making the most of the time you have. We learned how our experience of time changes in different contexts and how to use your own internal clocks to make time start working for you.