What We Do

Hello. We are Compass Group Ireland.

We’re 2,300 talented people bringing you all of the great tasting food, coffee and memorable experiences that can transform every day into a great day. All of the little things that make the world of difference and boost the wellbeing of millions. From outstanding restaurant experiences, enhancing sporting events and feeding thousands of workers and students, to delivering warm welcomes and safe environments. We’re here to inspire, protect, nourish and energise. To brighten your day.

What we do

Where we do it

Brightening everyone’s day

But it’s not just about what you do, it’s how you do it. For us, two vital ingredients are needed to forge strong client partnerships: standing side-by-side with our clients to understand what they need and where they’re headed, as well as an unwavering commitment to be better every day. Nothing stands still so we don’t either. If there’s an opportunity to innovate we’ll find it. It means we’re obsessed with the details and we’re always raising the bar higher so we can make our clients’ businesses better. And frankly it makes for a really exciting place to work.

We are people-powered

You don’t become No. 1 by accident. It takes hard work from a capable team. And in an industry built on people, you want the best of the best. You want to be people powered. We’re proud to attract the industry’s top talent because we invest in our people, recognise great work when we see it and provide plenty of opportunities for career growth. It makes the world of difference. Because when people are happy and satisfied it shines through. They go the extra mile, creating new ways to brighten every day for our clients and their customers.

Part of an even bigger family!

We’re proud to be part of Compass Group PLC – a global and successful FTSE 100 company. Each year, 600,000 Compass colleagues serve 5.5 billion in more than 55,000 client locations in around 45 countries. Big right? It means that we can empower our people here in Ireland to tailor solutions that are the perfect fit for each of our clients; drawing from a rich heritage and with the might of a strong, glbal organisation behind us. Big company strength with a small company feel, It reall is the best of both worlds.