New Maternity Chef White Cropped


Compass Ireland Launches Industry-First Maternity Chef Jacket

"Maternity and menopause initiatives herald an era of women in the workplace who make better, not make do…" – Deirdre O’Neill, Compass Ireland Managing Director.

In celebration of International Women's Day, Compass Group Ireland is proud to unveil an industry-first: a specially designed maternity chef jacket to support female colleagues throughout pregnancy and beyond, marking a significant step towards workplace inclusivity and employee well-being.

Innovative design

Crafted with the needs of pregnant and postpartum employees in mind, this innovative garment offers a higher waistband, adaptable fastenings, and a versatile shape to allow for pregnancy growth, and functionality that lends itself to feeding or pumping, if needed. The jacket has also been made in a unique lightweight material that helps dissipate heat and promotes airflow, maintaining the wearer’s body temperature at 37.5°C, making the jacket suitable not only for pregnant colleagues but for those returning to work postpartum and anyone working through perimenopause and menopause.

Prototype design sketches

Deirdre O'Neill, Managing Director at Compass Ireland, stated, “Empowering our female employees begins by listening and understanding their unique challenges. Introducing our maternity chef jacket ensures that pregnant women no longer have to compromise on comfort, allowing them to feel supported and confident in their professional roles.”  

Making an impact

Echoing the importance of this initiative, Gemma Evans-Hurley, Compass Group UK&I Culinary Projects Lead and Chair of Women in Food, remarked, “This Compass-designed solution is a game-changer, addressing the long-standing issue of inadequate maternity uniforms within our industry. It's about enabling our colleagues to bring their best selves to work every day.”

Leanne Ryan, a pregnant chef with Compass Group, shared her experience: “Having a jacket designed by our Compass female chefs makes a huge difference in a challenging kitchen environment. It feels like a significant step towards being heard, respected, and supported in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Supportive policies

Compass Ireland's broader commitment to female empowerment extends to addressing menopause with supportive policies and creating an environment for open discussion. The launch aligns with efforts to support women in the foodservice sector, including the Women in Food networking group, which aims to increase female chef representation and support women through all life stages.
The introduction of the maternity chef jacket during Compass Ireland's International Women's Day celebrations underscores the company's dedication to removing industry barriers and championing female talent.