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Our Work

We believe in keeping Ireland smiling through food experiences that count – but we know it’s not just what we do that makes an impact. It’s how we do it.

Creating food experiences that inspire

At Compass Ireland, we believe there are two important steps to cultivating powerful partnerships with our clients. First, we invest in getting to know them – what they want, what they need, and what their catering requirements might look like in the future. Next, we pull out all the stops to bring their visions to life, with an unwavering commitment to performing better every day.

Our clients and their customers don’t stand still, so we don’t either. If there’s an opportunity to create a more transformative, forward-thinking approach to food, we’ll seize it. If there’s a chance to raise the bar, we’ll take it. If there’s a way to make our clients’ work environments more productive, collaborative and healthy, we’ll already be taking tangible steps to achieve it. Going the extra mile is just what we do.