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We’re proud to deliver bespoke food services to three distinct sectors in Ireland, tailoring everything from our menus to our serving style to enhance dining experiences for our customers and clients.

Who we work with

Learn more about the bespoke food services we deliver and experiences we create for Ireland’s most exciting sectors.

Partnering with Ireland’s greatest organisations

We don’t just understand the markets we work in. We specialise in them, making sure we truly acknowledge our clients and their needs. To create partnerships that proactively deliver above and beyond, we discuss our clients’ expectations, get to know their customers, and build ever-evolving strategies that tick every box.  

The organisations we partner with and cities we operate within each play a vital role in making Ireland as diverse, vibrant, and full of character as it is. That’s why we invest in building contracts that are rooted in trust and led by innovation, so our clients can relax in the knowledge that we’re taking care of their food services. It’s the least we can do. 

Where we work

Find out how we harness the insights and resources of the wider Compass Group to cultivate strong partnerships with our clients throughout the country.

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