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Meet Compass Ireland’s Chef of the Year 2021

At Compass Ireland, we wholeheartedly believe that a combination of passion, ambition and support can help our people go above and beyond. Proving this is Greg Niewiadomski, one of our talented senior sous chefs and Compass Ireland Chef of the Year 2021.  

Greg first brought his culinary flair to the Compass Ireland family more than eight years ago after a chance encounter with Chef Richie Murray. He quickly became a vital ingredient in our food partnership with Google, having been invited to join the team by Culinary Director Shay Kendrick himself. 

Today, you’ll find Greg mentoring his own team, striving for head chef responsibilities and collecting more gold trophies! 

Awarding five-star culinary skills  

Confit Egg Yolk, Chanterelles and Chicken Bone Broth, followed by Barley Miso Hispi, Fermented Blackberry and Glazed Chicken, were the dishes that saw Greg become our Chef of the Year 2021. Each dish reflects his passion for sustainable, ethical cooking that focuses on using every cut of the animal. 

Greg is also fascinated by fermentation, saying, “I was inspired by an ethos of looking back to look forward. Fermentation has been around for thousands of years and in recent years has been brought back to my life.” 

Watch Greg in action and take a sneak peek at the dishes that most impressed our panel of culinary experts!