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National Deposit Return Scheme: Guiding You Through What To Expect…

What We Know So Far On The Deposit Return Scheme

We wanted to share some positive news about an upcoming initiative in Republic of Ireland that aims to positively impact our environment.

Beginning on February 1, 2024, Ireland will introduce a National Deposit Return Scheme, managed by Deposit Return Scheme Ireland CLG, trading as Re-turn.

The heart of this scheme lies in encouraging recycling by introducing a small, refundable deposit on plastic bottles and cans.
Specifically, PET plastic bottles, aluminium, and steel cans ranging from 150ml to 3 litres will be included.

We'd like to update you on how this will affect Compass Ireland sites.

Recently, we received information from Re-turn, which states that catering organizations, including Compass Ireland, are exempt from acting as return points. Therefore, waste contractors for the scheme will not be collecting containers from any Compass Ireland locations.

Here's how it works:

  1.  When a customer purchases a drink in a plastic bottle or can with a Re-turn logo, they will be charged a deposit.
  2. The deposit amounts are set at 15c for containers 500ml or less and 25c for those above 500ml.
  3. To reclaim this deposit, they can simply return the empty and undamaged container to a shop or supermarket nationwide.

To ensure our customers are well informed, we have developed a comprehensive communication plan outlining the details of the scheme, deposit amounts, and the locations of the nearest return points.

While the Deposit Return Scheme brings positive changes, it's important to note that it might also lead to a price increase on plastic bottles and cans in the cold beverage category in the coming months.

This increase is attributed to levies imposed by Re-turn on producers, surcharges for products sold outside the scheme jurisdiction, and indirect supply chain costs arising from split warehousing and reduced production yields.

Do I have a choice?

Whilst the DRS scheme is mandatory, alternative solutions especially suited to our free issue and hospitality sites are available.

We are delighted to offer several dispenser solutions through our supply partners such as CocaCola, Britvic & Aqua Libra. We can also introduce, or enhance existing “Hydration Stations”.

Glass & Tetra packaging is also exempt from the scheme.

Your Operations Manager will be in touch with you in the coming weeks, if they haven't already, to discuss these options in greater detail.
For more detailed information on the Deposit Return Scheme, please feel free to explore the Re-turn website.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate these positive changes together.