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Energising your workforce with forward-thinking food experiences that count.

Bringing flair to industrial catering services

Flexibility, creativity and efficiency are three of the values that drive our approach to food services, which is what makes Compass Ireland the country’s favourite industry catering partner. We know what fast-paced work environments need, and we’re proud to serve it on a platter!  

We firmly believe in the power of nutrition in improving performance and increasing productivity in the workplace. Our innovative industrial catering services encompass this approach, bringing delicious and nutritious food offerings to the busiest employees in Ireland in ways that make sense to them. 

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Long hours and ever-changing shift patterns needn’t prevent your employees from refuelling with healthy snacks, meals, and drinks when they need them most.

Tailoring our food services to the specific needs of your business, we promise flexible food experiences that consistently deliver on taste and nutrition.

This might mean establishing 24-hour grab ‘n’ go kiosks or setting up self-service meal counters; whatever you need, we’ll go above and beyond to cater around the clock. 

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Canteen catering to energise your workforce

Careers in industry can be physically demanding, and the food you offer your employees plays a vital role in how they feel before, during and after their shift.

Our canteen catering solutions for factories, warehouses and distribution centres make accessing energy-boosting foods quick and simple for industry employees, with a wide range of meals and snacks to pique every preference. 

From sandwiches to salads, freshly cooked hot meals to smoothies and coffees, we bring variety to even the most structured of environments. Our talented chefs and service specialists can prepare food options on- or off-site – whatever suits your needs.  

An industry catering partner as on the ball as you are

After a hectic shift, your employees need to know there’s a bite to eat available. Consistency is key, which is why you can rely on the team at Compass Ireland to develop exceptional food experiences that never fall short.

We’re committed to preparing and serving mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options (and everything in between!) with a smile, so your employees can focus on what they do best. 

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