Celebrating Chinese New Year 2022 with Chef Kwanghi Chan

At Compass Ireland, we’re constantly looking for ways to create fresh food experiences that encourage our clients and their people to experiment with new flavours and ingredients. This means giving our culinary teams the opportunity to seek inspiration from cuisines and cultures across the globe.

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2022, we were excited to collaborate with local celebrity chef, Kwanghi Chan, and bring in the Year of the Tiger with a delicious new menu!

Bringing the Flavours of the Far East to Ireland

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Ireland, Kwanghi Chan – the head and heart behind one of Dublin’s favourite dumpling restaurants, Bowls by Kwanghi – combines the flavours of the Far East with traditional Irish ingredients to create truly tasty and sustainably prepared food. 

Working side by side, Kwanghi and our Culinary Director, Shay Kendrick, took Compass Ireland on a journey through the flavours of China and beyond. Together, they rolled out a bespoke menu for our customers throughout Ireland with aromatic ingredients, such as lemongrass, and sauces from Kwanghi’s own ChanChan range.

We can assure you there were smiles all around!

Cooking Up Talent with a Culinary Masterclass 

The celebrations also created an opportunity for our chefs to spark their creativity and progress their culinary talents further. We’re passionate about giving our teams a chance to develop and like to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting our people (while making every day at work a little more fun!).

Led by Kwanghi, ten of our talented chefs took part in a fun-filled cooking masterclass to learn how to prepare three mouth-watering dishes: Spiced Cauliflower & Cashew Yuk Sung, Irish Trout Teriyaki Rice Bowl, and Tom Yum Chicken & Prawn Rice. 

Now, our chefs have three delectable recipes to share with their teams, and our clients and their people can spice up their day with a tempting new lunch!

Check out the video below to watch Kwanghi and our chefs in action.